This is my new site, been up over a year now.  

   Did hardcore for over 15 years, did my time.  Sam38g.com is more fetish niche based content, I get to be more creative with this type of content. 

   9pm EST I do a one hour members cam show.

    Now, I can be apart of the VNALive network and bring all my members lots of live cam shows FREE to members of many other lovely ladies. 

    BBWs: Marie Moore, Reyna May, Kristi Maxx, Betty Bang, Angelina Castro

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April, 25, 2017

Hardcore communications!

April, 25, 2017

Hardcore communications!

   Now in China or Japan they have contest as to who can text the fastest. Years ago when learning how to type we had speed typing test. 

   So let's all take it to another level, a porn level.  hahaha

    When on cam, 99% of the time you are jerking off with one hand while typing with the other. Now, if you use the one finger pecking out of the keys is it usually the same hand that you jerk off with? 

     After all you do need to do some communication while doing a cam show to get the performer to do what you want. We aren't mind readers. 

    How many words can you type per minute while jerking off?   Have a customer who types very fast, full sentences & paragraphs, capitalizing correctly & punctuation while jerking off & riding a toy. He is amazing to be multi-tasking all of it at the same time. 

   Have you ever timed yourself?    

   If there are lots of words spelled incorrectly are you typing with your dick?  haha 

   Shall call it hardcore communications. How many words can you type per minute while jerking off & it ends at your orgasm. Full time no more than 5 minutes. 


April, 20, 2017

We didn't quit or retire from porn. You did.

April, 20, 2017

We didn't quit or retire from porn. You did.

   I along with several other porn stars have come upon the conclusion all on our own that shooting for big porn companies are not in our best interest.  When we cam lots of men ask if we have retired. Which is perplexing. Camming is porn unless you are here to swear all future income that NONE of you are jerking off when on a cam site.  LOL To many of you camming isn't porn. 

    All of us have solo sites with guess what? porn

    Now, since you aren't on a major porn site but a camming site. Apparently, when horny you go to a cam site to jerk off.  Then when was the last time you joined a porn site, solo girl site or bought a porn dvd. Let's be honest!!!!! or your dick will disappear. 

   If you are heading to a cam site. Well, so am I. We go were the money & customers are. .  Cam sites get a huge amount of traffic.  We make money on cam sites.   WE are just following you and the money. Isn't that just common sense. 

    If you are going to a porn tube site, Guess what?  without money companies don't shoot more porn. It's your own fault.  Camming is good steady income for all of us day in & day out rather hoping we get booked for a shoot & risking not having money for bills & food.  

   Porn shoots are not dependable sources of income camming & our solo sites are.  Most of us have great quality & while I don't do hardcore anymore most of them still do. 

    You fucked yourselves with free porn and more & more of us are doing our own thing rather to hold onto apart of the industry that is changing.  We all make way more money in a year on cam than we ever did in shooting for porn companies. 

  There are no residuals in shooting for other companies.  So none of us became millionaires but companies did. We are very happy & take joy in your tears that you can't find new hardcore scenes of us on porn tubesites. We didn't quit porn or retired, you did. 


April, 16, 2017

Pornographers Ponder for Eternity about what you want? Are they afraid to talk to you? Are you scary? lol

April, 16, 2017

Pornographers Ponder for Eternity about what you want? Are they afraid to talk to you? Are you scary? lol

     Pornographers on industry boards have discussed in details what customers want in porn & what they don't want. Since sales have declined in porn due to tubesites, economy and many other reasons. I've even read by those who produce porn that it's because of BBWs. How we killed it, that men prefer young pretty skinny perfect bodies. And the more mature & BBWs are what's driving off the customer base. 

   Which amazed me how obtuse these men can be, especially since most of them are now old & fat.  Since BBWs have never been shot by lots of mainstream porn companies and I can say that I've easily have been shot the most.  Plus the fact there is still plenty of young skinny girls being shot by what is left of it.  They forgot something? 

  You! You the customer. Maybe the reason they see BBWs out there doing camming, their own sites, and ciip stores is because there is a customer base that is buying it.  Now, I'm perfectly happy to cut those middle men out & probably so are you.  

  Do porn companies ever ask the customers about who they want to see shot? or is it more about who that director or owner wants to fuck? 

      Now solo girl sites & cam performers are always talking to our fans, friends & customers on cam, our sites & social media.  In an industry with declining sales of porn for almost 10 years, it has never occurred to them to ask YOU.   It's laughable isn't it. When mainstream industry spend millions & billions for companies to do customer feedback, test markets, surveys, polling & such.  Porn, zilch! 

   There are literally miles of written  words threads on porn industry boards of what will be next in this industry. What customers want, well how ya'll don't pay for porn anymore & why. If they have pay site why aren't they asking you?   Isn't that weird? 

  Or is it weird to writing a total stranger you don't know or ever seen  about what you want in porn & you feel more comfortable speaking to the performer about it? 

  Pornographers spend countless hours discussing about what YOU want. Are you to scary to ask themselves? or are they scared that they may not like the answer? Do they need to hire porn stars as customer service reps? haha

  Are pornographer's Maria Antoinette who are more  worried about the fantasy porn life style than what's going on in the real world? 



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